We’re off to the New Frontier!

6 adventurers set off for the new world with stories of gold, glory, or redemption filling their heads. It is a land newly discovered, filled with unknown dangers and as yet to be discovered treasures and terrors. A darkness lurks in the very land and in the hearts of men, will our adventurers overcome adversity and begin a new life for themselves or succumb to death, or worse yet, madness.

Ground Rules
-No laptops or electronic devices at sessions.
-Standard 4e D&D races and classes with exception of dwarves which are restricted. If you’re not sure pass it by the DM
-Checks for social situations, searching, etc. can only be done once. In social situations multiple characters cannot approach the same line of questioning with their own separate checks.
-No restoration through resting outside of towns unless a tent/campfire set is used
-Perma-death situations will arise and be made aware to the players.
-Perma-death occurs at -10hp, at which point a new character must be rolled at party level
-No Grippli anywhere ever


Sword and Saucery

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