Sword and Saucery

A Dark and Stormy Knight

In the midst of crossing the Stormlands our heroes run into trouble from a particularly violent storm. Taking shelter in a nearby Tor the adventuring party was formed. Despite the reluctance of some among them they ventured further into the tombs. However weak drainage and the heavy rains brought about a flash flood…OF RATS. Working together they were quickly dispatched (all but one). The PCs then ventured further into the tomb and discovered a scouting group that was setting up a raiding camp in the Tor. They tried to trick the heroes by invoking the ancient custom of Storm Peace but the group saw through the trick easily enough.

Pushing on to the end of the Tor the heroes found that this particular Tor was the grave of a famous warrior. A member of the ancient warband of known as the Infernal Company.

They also learned that though the Tor was a grave. The grave couldn’t hold a Death Knight. Strong in life and unstoppable in death…this is what a death knight is usually like, Gruum wasn’t though. Time erodes all things and time had ravaged Gruum so that when he was awakened by a blast of lightning tinged with the taint of unholy undead and the whisps of the Shadowfell. After a fearsome battle (in which a much anticipated spider was killed by Typhos’ head) he was slain and the storm abated.



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