Sword and Saucery


The PCs press on across the Stormlands intent on reaching the ship to the new world. However Typhos feels a tug of demonic power that leads the party to a town where nobody was home.

While exploring they came upon a new member of their group. A Half-Orc warrior named Shere Khan who had been poisoned in an adventure and through sheer force of will dragged him to the town. He was taken to the Herbalist/Doctor Marie and her husband Thomas, the towns local hedge wizard who had built a magically protected storm shelter as a precaution against the new magical charge that was pervading the storms of late. This proved to be a prudent measure because during one of the storms some dark force set off a magical ritual powered by blood to turn the town into zombies, the base of any decent dark army.

He also told the characters about The Shift. A magical overaly that sort of exists in and our of phase with multiple planes, the Feywild, the Nine Hells and the Shadowfell. This potent magical energy is what causes the storms.Usually it just drifts in and out and switches at random but lately it has been divided as if forced from those worlds are trying to turn it to their advantage.

After defeating hordes and hordes of zombies the party finds the necrotic stone powering the zombies and shuts it off. They also found a note from “Yisarn” who ordered the town turned to form a base of an army of conquest.

After ridding the town of the zombie threat and it’s valuables Thomas asked them to accompany him and his family to their relatives in Harkenwold.

-Party reached level 2



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